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Bladerunner Sunrise: Apocalyptic Oranges and Blues

Until the release of Bladerunner 2049, I was certain that the original Bladerunner would remain my favourite movie of all time! But…Mr. Ridley Scott sure outdid himself, and with that I became ever more obsessed with an ostensibly ‘bladerunner’ aesthetic, this time joined by the heavy burnt oranges depicted in 2049. Most are city-scapes takenContinue reading “Bladerunner Sunrise: Apocalyptic Oranges and Blues”



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Lazy Self-Portrait, Me (2020)
About the Archives

These archives consist of older nine-set collections once featured on the #thosepicturesshetook homepage. However, these archives also give more insight and detail into the photos of each collection, including location, subject matter, intention, and meaning.


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