Edmonton’s Bridges in Blue, Green, and Brown

I’ve always been fascinated by bridges. At first it was the feeling of watching the water flow dangerously close or far below my feet. Then, as my eye became drawn more and more to architecture and construction, I became obsessed with searching out different bridges all across the world to photograph them! And while I’ve since fallen in love with NYC’s Queensboro Bridge, and Fredericton’s popular Bill Thorpe walking bridge, there is always room in my heart for Edmonton’s vast array!

And although I have taken some great photos of the Walterdale Bridge, the photos below are of the High Level Bridge and the Dudley B. Menzies Walking Bridge, with one of the Groat Bridge when it was still under construction.

A View of Two Bridges, Edmonton, AB (2020)

Taken when summer was just turning into fall, I found myself at a new vantage point where I could see both bridges as if I were about to cross them, which inspired me to take this shot, however slightly blurry.

This Trail is Occu-magpied, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (2019)

I cross this path a lot when I’m out for my walks during the day, and even though I’ve only been down it once or twice, I always think of veering off and heading down there to see what’s what! This time, I passed up the opportunity once again, but with this little dude sitting there, I was pleased enough to just watch this little birdie in his natural environment.

Groat Bridge, Still Under Construction, Edmonton, AB, CA (2020)

There’s a great park just behind 124th street (where the old museum used to be, and where Government House still is) where you can catch some excellent views. On this particular morning I was out and interviewing a fellow academic friend of mine about education, and was glad I’d brought my camera to take a few photos of my subject, since there was so much else to photograph that day!

High Level and Dudley B. Menzies Bridges, Legislature Vantage, Edmonton (2020)
High Level and Dudley B. Menzies Bridges, Legislature Vantage, Edmonton (2020)

I snuck into the bush (as you can see around the frame) to capture this particular shot, even though I knew there were a few people giving me a weird look as I did. Still, the water on that first wintery day of 2020 was so turquoise-blue that I needed every angle of those bridges against it. Plus it was a happy surprise to catch that little walker there, who could have easily been myself strutting along on her favourite bridge.

Bridge Curls and Curves, Edmonton, AB, Canada (2018)

A very early picture from me, I took this one winter morning when I was feeling particularly moody and lonely. Back then, there was still this painting super-stuck to the underside of one of the bridge’s over-pass supports, and I would always go make sure it was still there, almost superstitiously. It’s NOT there anymore (you can imagine my disappointment), but these angles still are, and I plan to update this shot soon enough!

Dudley B. Menzies, Edmonton, Summer (2019)

Remember how I said I never go down that little trail: well, this time I did because the water seemed so blue in the reflection of the bridge.

High-Level Street Car, Summer, Edmonton, AB (2020)

One of Edmonton’s biggest claims to fame is this high-level bridge, built in 1913 and resting on the body of a man encased in concrete (still hearsay, but you can ask me about it). It’s multi-use status and above-water height certainly sets it apart from other bridges across Canada, and while it took me long enough to get myself a ride in the thing (my first one being just the summer before), I was glad to take this shot on a casual walk through our wonderful Legislature grounds.

Walking Women, Edmonton, Alberta, CA (2020)

Inspired by a close friend and photographer, this year I began getting a little more courageous about taking photos with people in them. I still get a little worried about privacy and the like, but if I feel comfortable and not taking advantage (say, taking photos of a homeless person), I think it’s okay–especially when they’re surrounded by my truly favourite Edmonton photo subjects: these bridges!

Stay tuned for more bridge and construction shots from me as I continue to fill up these archives with exciting collections from my portfolio!

Article Republished on the Bridge Chronicles.


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