Splash of Colour: Yellows and Grey

One of these below is not like the other! I know it will be easy to guess once you look closely, but take a gander at the photos below and tell me which one out of the nine you think wasn’t taken in Canada!

Think you’ve got it? Scroll on to find out if you’re right!

Downtown Edmonton, Canada (2020)

Years ago I had taken some snaps of these pipes, and on my way home from a long photo walk I was so grateful to come upon them again. If only I hadn’t just lost a precious memory card (darn me!), perhaps I could have compared how my eye has changed since I first received my Canon as a gift in 2013.

Downtown Edmonton, Canada (2020)

The above photo is largely unedited, which is rare because I can sometimes be a bit heavy-handed when it comes to darkening up my photos to add some serious mood. I also like to find the lines and match them up with the grid-focus on the planning and editing app I use, called Preview.

Delivery Bay, Edmonton, Canada (2020)

This snap was taken during a morning coffee’s walk, when I was looking for possible set locations for an ‘all-business super serious’ editorial shoot a friend and I are planning. I’d driven by the front-facing parts of these buildings so many times, but had never really snuck in behind them! Keep your eyes out, maybe you’ll see this backdrop again in an upcoming shoot.

Vegreville, AB, Canada (2020)

Walking along a country back-road with my mama, we spotted this lucky paint spill and I just had to get a shot. (Incidentally, spills always remind me of a story I once wrote, which was called Spill“) The weather was rainy, and the day was cloudy, and I think overall that adds to the saturated moodiness of this splash.

Edmonton, Canada (2020)

There’s a walking bridge in Edmonton, Canada with bright blue railings that are often covered in graffiti. And along with the graffiti also found along the pavement of the bridge, there’s this stark yellow line repainted every few years that always seems especially cool in the coming fall. Around this time I was just falling into the swing of being purposeful about my photography–and was trying different perspectives and shots than what I was used to, and getting more fearless, even with people around!

Graffiti, Edmonton, Canada (2020)

Like I said, there’s always graffiti all over that walking bridge, but as it would happen, that stark yellow line would be joined by a few more, cross-sectioned to create a message I know I’ll never decipher in this life. My guess is that it is a message of Indigenous linguistic origins, perhaps tagged by a young local artist.

Downtown Edmonton, Canada (2020)

Let me tell you something about this sidewalk: on the one side, gorgeous houses. On the other, a brand new glorious condominium. Behind you is the bustling of Edmonton’s downtown, and before you lies a park that overlooks the city’s High Level Bridge, but before you get there you have to pass this little guy: just stuck smack in the middle of the darn sidewalk like he has every right to be there. I love this ugly little feller, so I had to get him with a snap!

Hong Kong Airport, HK (2020)

Did you guess that this was the photo unlike the rest? If so, you were right! This picture was taken through a window as I waited during a 7-hour layover at Hong-Kong Airport. This was on my way to Australia, and things were still a bit bright and shiny in the sphere. I remember I met a girl from India who was studying Chemical Engineering, who needed my charger to finish an assignment. I would also have my last Starbucks latte for a while (a sometimes treat in Canada), since in Australia, there’s no such place!

Downtown Edmonton (2020)

I remember stopping in my tracks and just veering off across some broken strange field to get this shot, scaring the person who had been walking behind me. Whatever! I saw the orange, the red, the yellow, AND HAD to get this scene. Plus, it happens to be behind this spooky, quiet building that I’ve always felt has a very haunted, hiding sick people inside feel. Guess I’ll never find that out either!

Anyhow, I do hope you enjoyed these splashes of industrial yellow on grey. These were taken with a certain intent: to capture the yellow, and I think you’ll agree I succeeded fairly well! Thanks for joining along, and be sure to check out more gallery works in the Archives!

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Writer, Photographer, Academic | Founder of JB Editing, wordsofhers.com, and thosepicturesshetook.ca

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