Filter Fun: Turquoise Skyscapes

Sometimes my nine-set colour collections are limited to a single geographical location, but in this case we have turquoise land and waterscapes from all over the world.

Bluff Knoll, Australia (2020)

The photos above and below were taken on a hot March day in WA, Australia. While my travel companion and I had intended to climb another mountain nearby (Bluff Knoll), that mountain trail was unfortunately closed that year–due to HOMOCIDE.

Still, not far away my travel companion had landed us an excellent little campsite at Mount Trio Bush Camp & Caravan Park, seriously worth the trip for it’s coziness and welcome nature. As it turned out, just behind us was another scenic mountainscape–all to myself!

Around me, the foliage felt like a Canadian fall–and I couldn’t tell if it was because of the season, or because much of the ground it seemed was only just recovering from recent fire. Still, the contrast of it was beyond stunning, though the bugs were buzzing mad all around.

Atlantic Shore, Nova Scotia (2018)

This one, however, was taken under much more blissful conditions! This would have been only my second time in so many days seeing the Atlantic ocean, and although no camera could have captured quite the breathlessness of this moment, I took a quick snap, stuffed my iPhone in my pocket, and stared endlessly, my best friend by my side.

Confederation Bridge Crossing, PEI, Canada (2018)

I remember taking this quick snap not long afterward, after a ferry to PEI, while my bestie drove us up to the tollbooth to begin my first and only (so far) Confederation Bridge Crossing. Having grown up with family in the maritimes, this was something I had been looking forward to all my life, and the lines were too much! Even though I only had my iPhone on me, I clicked, and it turned out rather lovely all the same. It’s so funny now, looking back and seeing how I made do without my Canon–who I’m sure I’ll eventually outgrow and feel similarly about.

Lake Huron Shore, Ontario, Canada (2018)

This day will always stick out in my mind since we ended up driving for much too long the night before, and had a terrible sleep. But we were driving across country gosh-darn-it, and we weren’t going to let one lost day ruin us. On this morning, I braided my best friends hair while we ate pop-tarts and walked around the look-out walk built for just that purpose. We learned the names of many new plants, and reflected on how far we’d come already from Alberta in such a short time.

Dawn, WA, Australia (2020)

Many years later, early dawn, and me still figuring out how to use manual mode on my canon, this silhouetted shot pleased me enough that I kept it, and then filtered the ‘eff’ out of it for the series (as you can see from the other ones, this was the point for this set!).

Hudson Lake, British Columbia, Canada (2014)

This was such an incredible weekend, and again so far prior to having my Canon! A friend of mine had rented a huge house for us all, where we had private access to this dock. I think each of us had our own special solitary moment out there, as well as many with each other under the sun and sky. Bliss!

Autumn City Scape, Edmonton, Canada (2019)

The summer before COVID had taken its hold, I’d been down sick with quite the fever. For the first time in a while I had even an ounce of energy and decided that if this was the end: that I had to be outside! I grabbed my camera, and went much too far from home (I had to call for a ride, because I WAS SICK….silly), and found this new route down close to the North Saskatchewan River. Look at those duckies!

Tulum Beach, Mexico (2020)

January for a Mexico wedding before everything became really scary? Yes please! And thank goodness we did. These shores were the first time I’d ever seen such turquoise water–and such pure white sand! We sat there watching this kite-surfer for quite some time before splashing into the surf ourselves.

Hope you enjoyed this Turquoise display, where all of the photos were source for their original blue, and then altered with a turquoise twist–largely because they include photos from my early days, when I didn’t bring a camera everywhere I went! Why not experiment with a bit of grainy saturation, huh?

All images copyright Jessica Barratt, Those Pictures She Took.

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